Vanilla Bean is a creamy sweeter scent that gives off a buttery vanilla smell. This smell is a little different than your traditional vanilla, the buttery aspect of it tones down the vanilla just a tad and gives off a smell of cookies in the air!


All soaps are handmade on our farm, with a little help from our Nigerian Dwarf goats and natural oils! Our goats on our farm produce a very rich milk that is used in all of our soaps to provide a soft feeling and provides great health benefits for everyone!


We make all our soaps in small batches, with this some may result in a slight variation of size, shape and color between bars. All bars I try and keep around 4-5 oz.

Farm Fresh Goat Milk (from our herd),Coconut Oil,Palm Oil,Olive Oil,Sodium Hydroxide,Rubbing Alcohol,Essential Oil,Colorant

Vanilla Bean Goat Milk Soap