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Making only the best goat milk bath and body products.


About Springtop Farms

In 2009 we purchased our 1920's home and property and starting making our farm dreams into a reality!  Springtop Farms is located in a small quaint town on the south-western side of Pennsylvania located in the Allegheny Mountains. The name Springtop name came from our creative thinking of combining two items that make our farm ours. The "spring" of our name came up due to all the natural springs that pop up throughout our entire property when it rains...like everywhere! "Top" came from our town name, Acme, which means top or peak. We put two and two together and here we are today!


 Here on our farm we produce goat milk bath and body products as well as breed Boer goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats. We stick to a homestead lifestyle and make all our products by hand and use only the best and all natural ingredients. 


Now this is just the beginning of our journey with making goat milk soap but we have some really great and up coming ideas in the near future that are already in the works!

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